Hot leaves treatment packages.

The following packages are offered during the 2017 season:

Introduction to the sauna treatment

Self massage with a hot leaves.

Self massage with a hot leaves.

We prepare the sauna and demonstrate the bathing traditions of central Russia. During the demonstration, we explain and demonstrate how to use the equipment, tools and techniques that make the Russian sauna so healthy and enjoyable.

This package also includes an aromatherapy session; a story about the art of the hot leaf treatment with a trial demonstration on a volunteer from your group. The introduction takes about 30 minutes.

After our demonstration you have the opportunity to test the skills learned with your partners or on yourself. The hot leaves are included in the price. Total time is 3 hours.



Hot reflexology

Sauna feet treatment.

Sauna feet treatment.

Palms and feet only for our very cautious guests. This contrasting treatment of your palms and feet is combined with aromatherapy and steam waving.

This procedure gives you a new refreshing experience and a clear idea about the hot leaf treatment in general. Only gentle basic techniques are involved, like hot compresses and branch waving.

The cost of the treatment is $50 per person per zone (back, foot, front), or $80 per person for the full body treatment.This charge is extra to the full service sauna rental ($60 per 3 hours).

Back remedy

Back remedy with a hot leaves.

Back remedy with a hot leaves.

This includes an aromatherapy session of hot leaf treatments, including warming up, contrasting procedures. The serviced 2 hour sauna rental is included. This takes approximately 30 minutes per person (one side), or 45 minutes per couple.

Ideal for relieving tension in back muscles, relaxing calf muscles, and to help improve sleeping patterns, this treatment also helps to fight cellulites in the buttocks area.


Full body treatment

Full body treatment.

Full body treatment.

Includes aromatherapy and an extended session of hot leaf treatments. The ultimate hot leaf treatment, including pre-heating, aromatherapy and contrasting procedures.

This session includes an advanced technique of the leaf massage and takes approximately 60 minutes per person (two sides), or 1 hour 30 minutes per couple. This treatment is efficient in improving the respiratory tract, to relieve fatigue in the hips, and to eliminate cellulites in the belly area.


Ice and Flame

Ice for the sauna treatment.

Ice for the sauna treatment

This package combines the full body treatment with ice compresses; ice washing and ice applications to the body. This chilling experience refreshes all of your senses and creates incredible toning. In addition to the body treatment, your hands and your feet receive very intensive hot and cold compresses.

Takes approximately 80 minutes per person or 2 hours per couple. The serviced 3 hour sauna rental is included.


Half-day sauna  treatments

Half day sauna - is a extremely pleasant experience for the body and mind.

Half day sauna is an extremely pleasant experience for the body and mind.

Presentation and introduction of all possible benefits and enjoyable moments of the woodstove sauna with full body hot leaf massage is included in this packages. This package gives you the privilege to try and enjoy the most healthy and delightful aspects of the sauna tradition. The experienced sauna master will guide you through all the stages of a sauna ceremony and you can ask for your favourite treatments as an extra bonus. We provide equipment and natural herbs to make your stay more comfortable.

We will advise you of some self-spa treatment techniques like peeling, scrubbing, honey massage, and hot sand compresses. The heated towels, candles, massage oils and calming music help you to relax and meditate between treatments.



Hot leaf treatment booking

1) It is better to book the hot leaf treatment in advance so we have all the necessary inventories in place.

2) The hot leaf treatment became really popular after the 2013 season, so we cannot serve all orders during the high season. Please schedule your visit for the fall or early summer if a hot leaf treatment is the main goal of your visit.

3) The hot leaf treatment is a hot and heavy job, therefore we can only perform a limited number of procedures. Even if we take the order, we cannot guarantee the hot leaf treatment at your requested time however, we are doing our best to meet your requested times.

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