Events and parties

Catering on Demand.

For the season 2016 our restaurant works on advanced orders only for parties and big family events. The minimum order is $500. Please place your order at least in 30 days before event. 

Family reunion or celebration

Our restaurant can comfortably accommodate 40 to 50 people. The big covered game hall is 24 x 60 with a high ceiling and can accommodate much more visitors.

Game room.

Game Hall (public facility)

The northern point, which includes the restaurant, game hall, seven small cabins and a few acres of lakeside property is the perfect place for a family reunion or private party.

We can assist with catering and other details regarding ceremony preparation.

Floor plan for the cafe and game room.

Floor plan for the cafe and game room.

We believe that our resort is the ideal location for a family reunion or jubilee celebration and, since we have not had much experience with celebrations thus far, we promise to be quite accommodating. You are welcome to visit our resort to try our meals and discuss our reasonable rates to determine if this location will suit your needs before making the commitment.

Why are we ideal for private parties?

  • It is really cool to rent an entire peninsula
  • Plenty of privacy – controlled entrance to the resort and water from all sides
  • Comfortable and affordable accommodation for your guests
  • We have 3 playgrounds to keep children of all ages busy
  • We can provide fresh and delicious food
  • Big covered hall and restaurant allow for celebrations in any weather
All recreational property - cottages, cabins, cafe and fishers village

The Goldenville peninsula – is a ideal place for the private party, family reunion or other celebration.

Dance party

We are a family oriented resort but can provide facilities for loud private parties with the rental of the entire peninsula. Advanced arrangement for that type of party is required.

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