To Rent or Not To Rent?

Hi guys, we know it can be difficult to choose the right place from among so many vacation rentals. However, We, are  pleased to tell you that, in just our third year of business, we’ve achieved a 95% level of client satisfaction.

Every contented guest gives us a sense of happiness and adds meaning to our project. In contrast, every disgruntled one makes us unhappy. Therefore, for the coming 2016 season, our biggest concern is to make more happy friends and to avoid any unhappy visitors. Please read information below to make your best desicion.

Cottage interior.

Cottage interior.


To make the right choice, please keep in mind:

  1. Our best points:
    1. Privacy
    2. New Cottages
    3. Expansive Waterfront for each cottage
  2. Some guests were disappointed with:
    1. The lack of entertainment
    2. Small boat lunch
    3. No reception or check-in desk

For more information, please check the explanations below and follow the links for pictures and videos:

We are best in…

  1. What puts us among the best cottage resorts in Ontario (for the given price, of course):
    1. Cottages are not crowded. Each cottage feels roomy and has sufficient shrubbery around to ensure privacy. The price includes an extensive private waterfront in the front of each cottage and cabin.
    2. The cottages are new. They even smell like new (or rather odor-free) and they have a contemporary design.
    3. Beautiful resort with amazing views from any location.

We are good in…

  1. What is at least as good as the majority of resorts in Ontario:
    1. Games room. It is really big, but we do not have fancy games and professional ping-pong or pool tables. Just home-use equipment. We try to renew the board games a couple of times per season and the big tables every third season.
    2. Hiking trails and bike trails. We have rural roads and a private trail, but if you prefer well-mapped and marked trails you will need to drive for around 20 to 50 minutes.
    3. Golden Lake is a large, clear and beautiful body of water. It is really good for fishing and swimming, but it has some reefs, which can make it unsafe for some motor sports.
Cottage resort central line.

Cottage resort central line.

Complains we had in Year 2015.

What some of our guests complained of:

  • Small TV (21”) in some rooms, no TV connection.
  • It happens. Broken or lost equipment and appliances. To clarify, DVD players eventually become broken, kettles have a limited warranty and breakers are blown if someone uses all appliances on the same circuit. It is also unavoidable that some kitchen utilities are relocated to other cottages, or even beyond, without our permission. We cannot check all devices daily, so the only way to fix the problem is to call us. We keep an extra supply handy and anyway can usually fix the issue in a couple of hours. However, if any imperfection in our rural paradise irritates you beyond reason, please do not book with us. In fact, we had only one such pedant in all three years, but we offer that proviso, just in the unlikely chance he has any friends or family planning to visit us.
  • Boat launch. We have a pretty old concrete boat launch, with the immediately surrounding lake being somewhat shallow. Our guests have launched up to 19-foot boats with us, but it looked like heavy work and many of them felt it was unsuitable. There is a public launch on the opposite side of the lake, but if large-scale and sophisticated private boat launches are of greatest importance for you, we are probably not your best choice.
  • Memory foam mattresses. Most guests are like it, but some guests expressed concerns. We try to add a couple extra mattresses to the cottages #6, #3, #7. Commercial grade mattresses like in the any hotel.  We still think memory foam is much more comfortable, but you are going to have a choice.
  • We do not have a 24/7 on-site check-in desk in operation. After the invoice is paid in full, you will simply receive instructions on how to access your cottage. Most of our guests feel this is the most convenient method. Nonetheless, if you need any assistance in checking in, just let us know and we will meet you at the site.
  • Charges for extra services. Propane for BBQ, Linens & Towels, Firewood, Household supplies and Toiletries etc. are not included in the price. This is because we just charge you for the services you need. This is a common policy in most self-catering cottages and camping grounds in Ontario. To have all extras included in the price it is easier (and more expensive) to book with an all-inclusive resort.
  • Some site visitors get confused between “Cabins” (which are small and very affordable) and “Cottages” (which are big and very comfortable). Please make sure you are booking the right type of accommodation.The cottages are not available for the short stay in July-August.
Sunset on Golden Lake

Golden Lake. View from cottages #1 to #4.


We are special in…

  1. What makes us special?
    1. Wood stove sauna. We believe that we run the best Traditional Style saunas on the Ontarian Lakes. If you are a sauna enthusiast or if you are looking for a sensual experience – our resort is a great option for you.
    2. Lead-free dog trail. We have an additional 40 acres of wild nature, which is located next to the resort. You can use this property for long serene trips or you can take your pet with you. This property is a piece of natural beauty and no dog has ever complained about the experience.

Are we visitor friendly?

Yes, we are. We really love our guests and we do our best to keep you happy. Please, read review on Facebook, Google Plus, Travelzoo VIP, or at our review page  to make your opinion.

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