Quiet time.

Family-oriented resort

Kids Playground. A&A resorts on Golden Lake, Ottawa Valley. Small cheap cabins on the prime waterfront. New facilities and bathrooms. Water activities include fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming. Best rates for the groups.

Kids Playground.

Dear guests, we are a family-oriented resort and therefore the best choice for families, couples and even friends who are looking for relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of nature and of the great people who respect others privacy.

Our cottages have a big waterfront backyard to provide you with a lot of privacy and tranquility. We do not have soundproof barriers on the property so we ask you to have as much fun as you want without disturbing your neighbours.

Quiet time is 10 pm. We ask all guests to respect this and avoid loud activities outside after 10 pm.

If you want to have a loud party and play your favourite music in open air, you should book the entire resort for your sole use. Although Canadian laws and regulations will still be enforced, there will not be any resort restrictions.

Behaviour at the resort

Cottage living room.

Cottage living room.

We expect guests to show respect to each other. Any disturbances toward other guests will be subject to terminate your stay at our resort. Please do not play your favourite music openly to other guests. Not everyone shares your preferences and they might be seeking a quiet and peaceful getaway. If you wish to forego resort restrictions, you can book the entire resort for your party.

We have a nice restaurant and game hall – the best place to socialize, meet new friends and to have a nice time with other guests of our resort.

Do not rent

Please do not rent cottages, cabins or campsites at our resort if the above regulations do not suit your style. We are confident what noise lovers can find alternate resorts and campgrounds that enforce policies better suited to their  idea of a memorable vacation.

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