Walking trail

4 km of privacy

Walking trail
Walking trail

Eastern Ontraio provide a numerous opportunities for the hiking enthusiast, including well marked and picturable trails of Algonquiun and Bonnechere valley parks. Althouth, if some day your are looking just for the couple hours walk throw the hills and bushes of Eastern Ontario – you can find such trail right on our property.

We are not sure if any other cottage resort have that long and beautiful trail us we have. The trails starts from the Norther point of our resorts – just next to the Game Gall, and runs throw resorts central line, up to the hills to be continued in the bushed and flourishing field of our property. The one way trip is about 2 km, so you should plan 4 km in total.

Leash free area.

Walking trail

Walking trail. Bushes and fields.

The new walking trail provide for the dog owners access to the 50 acres of leash free space. Your pets can finally run free throw vast field and shadow buses of our private property. Of course, this proposal works just for the well trained dogs which will not run out of owners and which will not disturb other guest met on the trail.

The walking trail map.

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