Swimming at our cottage resort

Sandy beach in front of cottage #6.

Sandy beach in front of cottage #6.

Our resort is located on the peninsula surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Golden Lake.  The varied topography of Golden Lake makes a pleasant and safe swimming environment for all ages and qualifications. The public beach on the west coast of our peninsula is covered with fine river sand. The slope of the shore is smooth which, along with the shallow depth, allows for comfortable bathing for children of all ages and provides a safe opportunity for water games. The public beach is equipped with beach chairs and beach tables.

The beach for experienced swimmers

The shoreline of the resort offers plenty of places suitable for experienced swimmers. Perhaps the most interesting will be the north-western end of our peninsula where the swimming area is equipped with picnic tables and provides a unique opportunity to watch sunsets over the lake.

Personal beaches for the cottages

In addition to general swimming areas, most of the cottages are located directly on the beach and have their own

A&A cottage resort and campground in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Family friendly cottages with air conditioners, wood stoves and leather recliners. Water activities include fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming. Four season cottage rentals.

Private picnic spots with outside fireplaces.

shoreline. Cottages with shorelines boast magnificent views of the lake, provide plenty of privacy and are ideal for picnics or watching the sun go down.

Private swimming at Western point of our peninsula

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