Hiking in Eastern Ontario.

Hiking in Eastern Ontario.

The most popular activity for the fall-spring season is hiking on the beautiful natural trails of the Ottawa Valley.

The current “off-site” set of possible trails includes the local Griffith Uplands trail, local trails of Bonnechere Park and numerous trails of Algonquin Park. The journey to these trails require some driving (20 to 40 minutes) but according to our guests, it’s worth the drive.

If you do not like any drive during your vacations – our private waling trail is ideal solution for you, as well as for your pets.

Many thanks to our guests who found “Shawn wood” outdoor educational centre – the beautiful wild park with a numerous well marked trails. These trails located just in 35 km from our resort.


Biking in Eastern Ontario.

Biking in Eastern Ontario.

According to the OVTA, “The Ottawa Valley offers excellent biking opportunities for the beginner and the sports enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a paved road with little traffic, or a mountain bike trail that takes you to nowhere and back, you can find it all here.”
There are numerous local roads that start right from our resort and run across the picturesque surroundings of the Ottawa Valley. Most local roads are well paved and have little traffic.


Among local trails we have found the closest trails including: the Wino bike trip (35 km),  Bonnechere Bike Tour (18km), Deacon-Tramore bike  trip(20km), and the Eganville-Douglas  bike Trip (32 km).

Since we have not yet checked these trails we cannot provide our personal opinion. Our plans for the summer 2014 are to ride this route with a GPS navigator and video cam to provide better information for our guests.

If you are a biking enthusiast ready to explore these routes for our guests, we would provide you with the best rate for your stay.


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