Our Place.

Family peninsula on Golden Lake, Ottawa Valley, Ontario.

Cottage resort central line.

Cottages. Central line.

Welcome to “A&A” a family managed place on the shores of Golden Lake, Eastern Ontario. Our place is well known for the waterfront,  self-catering cottages (formerly Goldenville cottages) and small cabins.

Our  place is great for families and couples who are looking for a relaxing vacation among the beauty of Canadian nature and who like the outdoor lifestyle.

New cottages, wood burning sauna and a playground add a lot of fun to your vacation.

The lake is really big, the cottages are new and the nature is just amazing.

Seven reasons to choose our place:

  1. New a/c and well equipped cottages with private waterfront, BBQ, fireplaces.
  2. 3,000 feet of shoreline on Golden Lake with a couple sandy beaches, good fishing, swimming and boating.
  3. Numerous playgrounds for the kids of any age.
  4. Dining/party room (this is not a cafe open for the public, it is a place to use for birthdays or reunions) and big covered games room with pool, table tennis, baby corner etc.
  5. 5 km of private trails over 50 acres of hills and bushes.
  6. Best wood burning sauna in Ontario.


Eastern Ontario

Sunset on Golden Lake

Sunset on Golden Lake


Eastern Ontario is a wonderful place to spend your vacation because of its natural beauty and sense of history. Visitors enjoy taking walks through the highlands of the Land O’Lakes to see the landscape or learning about the cultural heritage of Wilno or First Nations. There is something for every member of the family in Eastern Ontario, from educational museums to fun amusement parks. This is an area steeped in history where vacationers never run out of amazing sights to see.

Cottages, cabins and public facilities.

Came Room On The Lake.

Came Room On The Lake.

The Goldenville cottages, Ecovillage cabins and Lakeview dining room – are big parts of our place.

The Goldenville cottages  includes 7 new winterized cottages, with private waterfronts and a lot of private space.

EcoVillage includes – 7 small lakeside cabins and 14 lakefront campsites. We can rent our campsites just for your group.

For your party you can rent the big covered games room or Lakeview dining hall.

There are many public and private facilities available for our guests. You can find more resort plans here.

All recreational property - cottages, cabins, cafe and fishers village

All recreational property – cottages, cabins, party room (ex-cafe) and fishers village


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