Yoga Week On Golden Lake.

Connect to Nature- Connect to self!
Yoga Retreat in the beauty of Fall Colors in Algonquin Park.  Daily Yoga classes, nutritious meals and a lot of fresh air.

October 15th – October 21st 2017.

We are very excited to invite you to the Yoga Week in October 2017. We are pleased to announce that our Yoga Week will be taught by very talented group of professionals whose energy and passion to yoga and wellness are palpable and contagious. It is our believe that their combined skills and knowledge are going to leave you with a very positive transformational experience.

 Please, follow the link to book your place in the group. 

Tanya Trunov.

Tanya Trunov Yoga Guru

Tanya Trunov

Tanya’s main focus is on holistic wellness therapy. She serves others through her role of yoga instructor, meditation coach and nutrition consultant. “In my classes you will be focusing on your breath while going through various postures to strengthen your body and clear your mind.

You will be combining your intuition, intellect and emotions to give yourself a right start into your day. My intention as teacher is to fill you up with positive energy and give you the perfect tools that will stay with you long after you roll up your yoga mat. I strongly believe in the power within me and in the power of each and every individual.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and witness the transformation and awakening that is taking place.

My life mantra is “I expand in abundance, success and love every day as I inspire others to do the same.” Today Tanya shares her knowledge with others through her classes, retreats, group sessions, workshops, writings and personal coaching. Read more…

Genya Klaiman.

Genya Klaiman

“In my classes I invite students to find proper alignment, with just enough intensity to acknowledge and honour their own unique needs and intentions. This experience of ‘self-sensing’ and ‘self-awareness’ becomes a tool that I encourage my students to apply in their daily life” After completing kinesiology in 2003, Genya set out on a journey to discover the mind-body-spirit benefits of Yoga.

Combining knowledge and experience gained in the past twenty years, he offers a highly integrated approach by fusing elements from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Qi Gong.

As a Yoga teacher and therapist, Genya has assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to him with a variety of health conditions and life challenges. In addition, he is certified in several trainings including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage.


Irina Hodorkovski

Irina Hodorkovski

I’m Irina, a certified holistic nutritionist, healthy lifestyle advocate / coach, nourishing food lover and a founder of Irush Sweet Life – the holistic way.

I love to experiment in the kitchen with beautiful vibrant food, and believe me it’s not always easy, but so worth the way it makes you feel in your own body.

It took me many years to understand what does it mean to be a sugar addict, I have spent most of the childhood between doctor appointments with lots of complications, and had to quit many favorite sports activities.

In my late 20th, after having kids my health was once again the main concern, this time I had a choice to get to the bottom of it, and I did. Finishing 3 years of holistic nutrition studies, creating many individualized protocols and learning about bio-individuality, epigenetics where we can influence our own gene expressions and what role does the proper nutrition plays in people’s health, that no one person is the same and that there is a huge role of body, mind and spirit connection in every healing! It’s a journey for all of us; feeling, listening, being present and deciding what are the values we’re living by are the key to thriving health.

You can find sample “Yoga Week Menu” from Irina here.

Galina Zilberberg

Galina Zilberberg

Teaching yoga to wide range of demographics for the past 10 years Galina’s understanding of human body movements evolved, same as her teaching style. Being very active through her life, Galina does not see yoga practice on the mat as the sole form of physical activity, but as a tool to build awareness of movements and understanding of one’s body.

Galina incorporates principles of movement from a variety of disciplines in her classes, such as strength training and Pilates to name a few. She is a big fan of using props and fitness equipment to help practitioners to vary the regular pattern of movements thus strengthening the muscles from such variety.

Galina’s teaching always adapted to all levels of practitioners and open to all ages and abilities.

In Galina’s class you will be challenged with mobility drills and core strength routine for better understanding of your daily functional movements, such as standing up from the chair, picking up the child or gardening. Using basic Yoga Asanas, Galina will teach you mindful movements and will help you to improve your posture.

 Please, follow the link to book your place in the group. 

Accommodation at the A&A place.

Outside fireplace


A&A place (Goldenville cottages and EcoVilalge cabins) is proud to provide safe and comfortable accommodation to yoga enthusiasts and we will do our best to ensure that our place became ” the place of you power” and you visit us every Fall to recharge you mind and refill you body with an clean and heavenly energy of Golden Lake.

The Goldenville cottages  includes 7 new winterized cottages, with private waterfronts and a lot of private space.

EcoVillage includes – 7 small lakeside cabins and 14 lakefront campsites.  As an exception we can allow tents for the participants of the Yoga group.

For the exercises, meditation and to chat with friends  you can use our big covered game room or Lakeview dining hall with amazing wood fireplace.

There are many public and private facilities available for our guests. More resort plans you can find here

Costs and the options for the accommodation.

 7 Days  Sun – Friday  Friday-Sun
 $/Week  $/ 5 Nights  $/ 2 Nights
 Bedroom in the shared cottage.  $1,425  $814  $611
 Den in the shared cottage.  $1,320  $754  $566
 Folding sofa in the living room. Shared cottage.  $1,250  $714  $536
 Small private cabin on the lake.  $1,495  $854  $641


Floor plans and amenities.

2 bdr cottage floor plan

1 bedroom cottage floor plank








All cottages and cabins has private lakefront – so if you are looking for the private mediation on the lake, we believe our place is only establishment in Ontario, which can provide such opportunity.

Each cottage has an amazing wood stove, outside fire pit and new 3 pcs. bathroom. The cabins does not have any pluming inside – our guests use shared bathrooms in 100 feet from the cabins. For detailed information about accommodation, please visit the property pages for cottages and cabins.

 Please, follow the link to book your place in the group. 

Fall on  Golden Lake.

A&A cottage resort and campground on Golden Lake, Ottawa Valley. Family friendly cottages with air conditioners, wood stoves and leather recliners. Water activities include fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming. Four season cottage rentals.

Fall At A&A Peninsula. View from the Sauna. Oct 2014.

Ontario’s Fall season is consider to be the nicest season of the year. The fall in central Canada – is a clear beauty. The Fall at our resort – is a bright magic.

Most of our cottages are overlooking North bank of Golden Lake, with its treed hills, which turned red with the first touches of the Septembers sun.

The peak fall colour in central Canada season will run from mid September  to late October depending on weather. We hope to see a long and warm Fall in 2014, because we have not seen warm Summer yet.

ur place is located in the centre of the Ottawa Valley and our location is ideal for guests who want to explore the  region from the comfort and beauty of one place. For the hiking enthusiasts we would recommend well marked trails of Algonquin park and Bonnechere valley parks, which are located in the short drive from our resort.

The fall is still good for the canoe trips at the big Golden Lake, for the fishing and, of course, for the long evenings in front of fireplace ( inside or outside cottage at your choice).The guest who likes the white water adventures or golf tournaments will also have a many options to choose from.

We can accommodate really limited number of guests, so please book in advance by emailing us. Please, use “The Yoga Retreat” in the subject field, to get the best possible offers for the program.

 Please, follow the link to book your place in the group. 

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