Today’s Special

Todays special

“Get a free pet vacation with any weekday rental”

To secure this deal, please submit the form on the right with code “FreePet004″ in the message field.

We are a small, family managed resort and our first priority is guest satisfaction. We are proud that 98 % of our guests are happy about their experience with Goldenville Cottages. We do not want to force your decision and we ask that you would first make sure that our cottages are the best choice for you.
Our specials are a way of providing you with better options for some days of the week or last minute deals. The specials can be exposed for a couple of days or can be waved any minute, if someone buys a package with a limited supply (like free boat rental).
There is no rush and no time pressure. If you lost today’s special, just email us the deal you are interested in and we will advise you so you can have the same opportunities for the other date. Please bookmark this page or just copy URL address ( – there are no navigation links from the other pages of our website.

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