Cabin # 12. Sounds of sea.

Cabin #12 Rent the sounds of the sea

Rental cabin 9. Golden Lake, Ontario

Cabin # 12 (former #9)

Cabin #12 (#9 before 2016) is open directly to the North with a superb panoramic view across the lake. During good weather conditions you can see the Northern bank of Golden Lake with some lights in the summer nights. This cabin has good parking on the side and pretty good (but not the biggest) private party spot. What’s our favourite thing about our cabins with northern exposure? The sounds of the waves of course, especially during fresh windy nights when the the waves create a real sea symphony.


Cabin #9 Vacations in the sea symphony

  • Exposure: West

    Rental Cabin #9. View to the Lake.

    Rental Cabin #9. View to the Lake.

  • Area: 96 sq. feet
  • Beds: one Queen-size bed
  • Extra bed: folding bed on demand
  • Picnic table: yes
  • Outside fire place: yes
  • Insulated: 12R
  • Receptacle: limited power
  • Fridge: small bar fridge

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