Rent Cabins For Family Reunion.

Family reunion or big party.

Our resort is really good for the groups and for the big families. We have a lot of space: to stay, to eat, to play, to relax. We have a lot of privacy – it is peninsula.

With our special deal for “Early Bookers 2018”, you can rent whole place  just for $2999/weekend in April, May,  September, October (except the long weekends).

Other months are more costly, with crazy $7000/weekend in July-August, but it is almost impossible to rent any other place for weekend only during the high season.

Alternatively, you can rent just the cabins or just cottages, that better suit your taste and your budget.

Why are we ideal for private parties?

  • It is really cool to rent an entire peninsula
  • Plenty of privacy – controlled entrance to the place and water from all sides
  • Comfortable and affordable accommodation for your guests
  • We have 3 playgrounds to keep children of all ages busy
  • Party room is included with group rental (only cleaning deposit needed)
  • Big covered hall and party/dining room allow for celebrations in any weather

View to the peninsula and to the lake.



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